How managers lose their best employees

According to numerous researches, losing a mid-range employee costs company 20% of their annual salary to replace. The higher an employee is on the ladder, the more expensive their replacement. For senior executive positions, the cost of turnover can be up to 213% of the annual salary.

Usually, companies are sold to people by HR specialists, but mainly people go away from managers, not organizations. As life isn’t black and white, most often people leave their job because of several reasons. They are related to a company and a manager they report to. However, in this article, I’m going to shed a light on a situation when a defined person – a manager or a supervisor – is a reason for a company is losing a loyal employee.

Let’s take a look Why.

  1. A manager is afraid of developing and growing employees. Yes, an employee may go away after courses, training or whatever, but surely they will continue working for an organization for some time.

  2. A manager sees best employees as a threat to their own position. Insecurity and suspiciousness are as bad as ignorance.

  3. A manager is arrogant and may look down on anyone. No matter how much an employee does for a company.

  4. A manager steps over their direct reports and, talking to people of their employee, tries to find something that may make a joke at employee’s expense.

  5. A manager suppresses an employee and bothers to lower their bar. “You have good conditions here, some companies have even worse work environment”, – they say. Or “Don’t go to that training, because it’s useless”, – they continue. “Don’t send your direct reports to the training, because other companies will hire them” and so on.

The list may last long. All the above result in losing committed employees who are the greatest asset of any firm.

No matter at what stage of your career or life you are now. If you have these issues, it’s time to recall yourself that you deserve a better attitude, a better job and a better life.

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